Does anyone have a drum sander I could use for about 30 minutes?

Hi, I’ve got an end grain cutting that I made and my orbit sander is just not cutting it. I flattened the board with a router but has left some deep marks that is proving incredibly difficult to remove. I did manage to remove them on another board but it was roughly 2ish days of solid sanding with my battery powered Makita sander and quite a few sanding discs. I would be very grateful if someone would let me run it through their machine a few times. I live in Telford so would be ideal if this someone lives kinda close. Obviously I will compensate you.

How big is the board? length, width & thickness? and what wood is it?
I am in Worcester not far from M5

Hi, it measures 56mm in thickness, 570mm in length and 285 in width. It’s 3 species of walnut, oak and maple.