Drill chuck stuck open!

Hi, I just managed to jam open the keyless chuck on my Bosch GSR 10.8 Li.

I was doing what many do ‘on-screen’, and fit the bit/driver etc by holding the outer and pressing the trigger to open or close the chuck, and on this occasion the chuck opened fully and has jammed in that state.

Has anyone any clever fixes?

I’m not far from Bosch Uk but you can’t even take stuff there…

Thanks in advance

I know exactly what you’ve done 'cos that’s the way I open and close the chuck on my Festool drill. How about a goodly squirt of WD40 or penetrating oil into the offending part of the chuck, leave overnight to soak and then try to loosen it the following day?

Rob. Thanks, I’m away currently but will give that a try Wed :slight_smile:.I’ll let you know if that works.

Rob; et al.

Well I tried lubricant, ‘WD40’ to the chuck and nothing appeared to change, then I read about the Allen screw which holds the chuck to the body so I also tried that, also without success as my Allen keys didn’t exactly fit?? Anyway after trying that, I again tried the grip and twist method and the jaws moved…

Back in action.


Result! Glad to hear the chuck is back in use.

Generally nout but brute force works when this happens…you could try giving it a tap or two with something as well…usually works for me, but I always hand tighten and do not use the drill to tighten or loosen whilst gripping the Chuck…

I found that lubrication does not work, but only acts to help things you thought were secure to turn, stop turning when drilling…

Hi Stu.

Your ‘superpowers’ are letting you down :smiley: this post is over six months old…and I got it fixed, still unsure just how, but I’m a little more cautious these days opening and closing the chuck jaws with power.

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lol…superpowers…I wish… glad you got it sorted Barry