Drive belt replacement on the hobby series

Hello everyone
I’ve been turning now for 8 months,after I was bought my first lathe for my birthday (AWSL) hobby lathe.
I absolutely love it, I think my wife and kids clubbed together to buy it so they could get me out of the house !
Anyway I am quite heavy handed and always tighten the belt too much and alas stretched belt.
I ordered a new belt yesterday and voila arrived this morning !! Quicker than Amazon !
Has anyone got any tips on fitting this belt,what to undo etc,etc
All help will be great fully recieved
Many thanks

Glad you enjoy the lathe and the spiny side…it can become addictive! The belt shouldn’t be too difficult to replace; I suggest you check thoroughly through the manual which would have been supplied with the machine. if you can see no light at the end of the tunnel, a swift 'fone call to the techies at Ax ought to very swiftly point you in the right direction.

thanks for your reply
a phone call it is then :slight_smile:

Let us know what they say Beemerman318!

I’ve just picked up a used AWVSL900 and want to fit a new belt as a precaution, but the on-line reference manual has just 3 bullet points when it comes to maintaining the lathe. Nothing relevant.
Any hints, Beemerman318 ?

Also what lubricants to use, where and how often?

Hi David. Only just come across your request for assistance on wondered if you have solved your problem by now.
Recognising that the Maintenance section of the manual is of no help at all, I ‘turned the page’ to find an exploded view of the lathe. The spindle is supported at both ends and will need to be removed in order to get the new belt in position. I would expect it to need gentle persuasion and move only towards the tailstock after removal of the C-ring (item 26). The motor shaft appears to be cantilevered (ie no bearing outboard of the pulley) so should not need any dismantling.
Hopefully I have read the drawing correctly and you will be able to complete the job yourself.
If all else fails try phoning the techies at AT&M.
Happy turning, Philip.

Thanks, Yes, I’ve replaced the belt. Setting the speed setting to high made working the belt on and off a lot easier, while rotating the pulleys . Replacement was also not difficult though a wedge to open the pulley was a help.
I managed it with no need to dismantle at all - apart from taking the cover off.