Electrical Trade links?

Hi all, I’m in Hertfordshire and need an electrical (shop tool) technician!
My bandsaw just stopped! and I checked/changed the fuse, my limit with electrics, I can use a multimeter to check connectivity, but thats about it, NO LIVE checking!!

The manufacturers cant help, so does anyone here know of, (would recommend!) anyone / company suitable??
The saw is a Record BS400

Thanks in advance.

Hi Barry, I can’t help a lot I’m too far away, only thing I can suggest is that you check the access doors are both closed and locked. If yes then turn the power off, open the doors and poke the switches to ensure they click, turn one of the wheels to ensure they and the blade are free to move. What make is your machine

Apologies Roy , I thought I’d replied already…
Thanks, I checked the free movement of band wheels but can’t hear any click on either door switch, but doubt either would just fail whilst open circuit, (in use).

Nobody else seems to have any contacts in the ‘trade’ so another dead end here.
Thanks anyway

Hi Barry, not wishing to be rude but, have you checked the socket itself is live, it is a matter of checking from one end to the other, I used to work as a service engineer and started at the power source forward to the machine. When you switch on you should hear and feel the NVR switch energise, if not next stage. Having checked the very silly basics it’s a matter of finding where power stops, I would suggest (if you are happy to) that you unplug from the socket then unscrew the switch from the machine then with some-one holding the switch, in a safe manner, then with your multi-meter check that there is power to the switch.
Hope this will help, it’s difficult trying to do this by remote control, if I were closer I would have a look for you. All the best Roy

Roy, Yes first thing I did was to plug something else into said socket.

I’ll keep looking for a local electrical guy, I’m not happy poking about with a meter, when a current is present :slight_smile:


Hello Barry, just a wee thought, have you checked the capacitor for the motor. Usually when they are faulty the end where the contacts fix becomes dome shaped. I had the same fault with my bandsaw some years ago. Hope this might point you in the right direction.

Thanks Mike
I’ll give that a look.