Evolution APF 10 - possible use when airbrushing?

I have an Evolution APF 10 powered respirator which I use for hobby woodturning and general woodworking in hard and soft woods. I combine this with a background air filter system for the workshop and at source vac when sanding. The APF 10 is excellent. I am an allergy sufferer and this stops me suffering the sneezing and wheezing I have suffered with in the past.l also wear specs so most importantly this stops them steaming up.

Now here’s the question.
I have moved more into colouring my turned items and want to protect myself from the effects of the various sprays I am using e.g. Chestnut ebonising and other spray can acrylic paint. Cellulose and acrylic sanding sealers and lacquers. Airbrushing using spirit and water based dyes and stains.
Is it possible to just change the filter on the powercap to another suitable one? This does not seem to be promoted as possible neither here or on the JSP sites. Am I missing anything - is it possible?

I thought I would try the JSP FilterSpec Mask & Goggle Combo FMP2V as it is supposed to work over glasses and avoid the dreaded misting up. No use at all as the goggles are just too small for a normal man sized pair of glasses so impossible to get on and settle into a fit on the face.
So back to square one.
If the APF10 forced air system is NOT suited for spray/ solvent protection then what can I get which will offer me the protection I am after without making my glasses steam up after 30 seconds?

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your questions. To clarify, it is not possible to change the filter on the powercap to another suitable one. Furthermore, the APF10 forced air system is not suitable for spray/solvent protection. The type of solvents used will influence what you require. To discuss your individual requirements, please call Tony Harris within our ABST team on 0800 371822 who will be happy to help you.

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