Fence Alignment Problem

I’m a newby with an AW10BSB2 table saw. My fence has too much play before I lock it down. So unless I’m very careful I can lock it down out of square. I see that there are small white plastic strips on the inside of the fence carriage which improves the fit. Can I get more of these or is there another solution?


I have spoken to our Specialist After Sales Team regarding the problem you are experiencing with your AW10BSB2 table saw and they have asked that you call them to discuss which part you need. Our contact telephone number is 0800 371 822.

I hope this helps.



I don’t know if it will help but I have a Titan tablesaw from Screwfix and have done various mods to make it more usable, I had what sounds like similar problems to you, these are under “clash of the Titan” on my blog at:

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