Fine dust filter

I finally bought a two bag filter, helped but still to much dust escaping so today I added the fine dust filter with rotating paddle, quite a struggle to get it on as it is a push on rubber seal. Realised with the cold temperature the rubber seal was not flexible enough so I used my hairdryer ( I keep in the workshop to do my hair ) and warmed the seal then I managed to get it on but, it’s not an easy job.
Couple of queries for anyone who already has one, does it matter which way the rotor is turned, also how often should the paddle turned.
Keep safe and keep making sawdust

The bag filters ‘do what is says on the packet’ but it is never enough and the cartridge filter is a must if you want to keep healthy.
Internal inspection of my cartridge filter indicated that the paddle movement direction was not important, but I decided that it was inadvisable to keep altering the direction. I put a direction ‘arrow’ on the top surface of the Cartridge to remind me, and anyone else who might use my workshop, which way to rotate the handle.
Operating the paddle will depend on the use you give the extractor. I only use mine when sanding my turnings so usually do it about once an month - unless I am doing a ‘production run’ with plenty of sanding. (Probably once a week would be a good habit to get in to.)
Happy dust free working. Philip.

Thanks Philip, that was helpful I wasn’t sure about rotating in opposing directions. I am still getting plastered in dust from my new Dewalt tablesaw, I upgraded the tablesaw because the dust was coming back at me, it still did, so that’s when I upgraded the exstraction and it still is. I don’t know what else to do

I don’t have much experience of table saws but do not recall my son’s, and others I have used, throwing dust at me. I suggest that you check the airways are clear and open to full capacity over their whole length - including the connecting hose, which I believe should be 100mm diameter. If that has no effect you may have to investigate a guard mounted extract port, ie one on the over blade guard to remove the dust that is being retained by the blade and then swept up, over and forward through the non-active part of the blade rotation. I know that this type of extraction can be fitted to many table saws, but might be pricey.

The airways are clear and as you say it is 100mm from the extractor intake to where it reduces to 60mm directly onto the benchsaw.
The Dewalt comes with the over blade extractor/guard as standard but, having that on curtails being able to make cuts which do not penetrate right through the thickness of the timber like when grooving.
All in all a bit of a pain, but thanks for your input and interest Philip
Regards Roy