Finish for a plywood topped dining table

Looking for some advice . . . I’m building a simple dining table (140 x 75cm) with a Birch plywood top and hairpin legs - no edging, the ply laminates visible as a feature.

I really don’t know what to finish the wood with - it’ll be used without a table cloth but with placemats/coaster and needs to be wipeable.

Browsing around on YouTube and Osmo PolyX oil 3032 (I think that’s the satin version) seems to be mentioned fairly frequently.

Any views and/or other suggestions please?


Hi Rob,
I made a pair of small Oak tables recently and as I don’t have spray finishing facilities in my workshop, I used Osmo oil for the first time. Personally I was not impressed; I don’t rate its durability either and would not consider it for a dining table.
I don’t know what facilities or experience you have, but to make a dining table top from a sheet of Birch plywood is a big ask. I would at least put a pencil round on the top edge and a small radius to the corners to soften the effect. Prior to finishing, I would hand sand it, finishing off with 180’s grit abrasive.
For finishing raw Birch Plywood, I would probably use a matt or semi-matt clear thinned varnish; the more matt it is will help to disguise imperfections and brush marks. Between coats I would lightly sand and remove the dust with a Tack Rag.

wood finishes direct give really good reliable advice

Thanks - I stumbled across them yesterday and I’ve got some samples en route.


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