Giant Garden Games | Wooden Outdoor Dominoes Game

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Fun for all ages, wooden giant dominoes can be played indoors or out. With our informative How To guide, you’ll learn how to make solid wooden dominoes for all year round fun. Enjoy the perfect way to play this traditional game on a larger scale with our giant garden games project.

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Not 100% sure about using the table saw to create the “line” (technically a dado) over the tile. You would need to remove the crown guard. Most people would then find the riving knife still in the way and the temptation might then be to remove the riving knife. A very bad idea. For people with sliding mitre saws, a safe & simple solution would be to use the depth stop and make the dado that way. There are lots of other ways, but for safety’s sake I’d recommend a line drawn with a Sharpie rather than a table saw with any of the safety features removed. Have fun & stay safe!

This is so great! Instead of playing so many video games kids should instead be given outdoor activities that are much more healthy. My kids have been into a lot of gaming & have almost no physical activity. I should also create some games like these for them to enjoy rather than just being glued to their gaming PC screens.