Glue for acrylic

I am looking for some glue to repair an acrylic template, if any one knows of a strong glue please could you let me know.

Thank You Carl

Easy and cheap; acetone or nail varnish remover from the chemists - Rob

Hi Carl,
the tried and tested adhesive/cement for acrylic is Tensol. It it has been on the market for well over 30 years , and is still available - try Ebay. Might be best to avoid using nail-varnish remover however, as this might include lanolin.

Hope this is of use Regards Niall

Hi Carl,

I cannot help with the name of the liquid as I last used it many years ago when working as a model maker. However, I may be able to help with the bonding technique required.

We used to use a liquid solvent that had the appearance and viscosity of clear water. The two pieces of acrylic were placed together dry and a small amount of the liquid was applied to the joint with a small brush. The liquid was that thin that it flowed into the joint by capillary action. Being a solvent, it bonded the acrylic together like two pieces of metal being welded. The time involved was just a few seconds. The larger acrylic stockists might be able to help with technical information.



Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the information its much appreciated, the product you mentioned might be Acetone.

Regards Carl.

Try, Dichloromethane ‘Plastic Weld’ from, E M A Model Supplies Ltd.