Handmade: Britains Best Woodworker on Channel 4

Did anyone watch the Handmade show last night on C4? I was looking forward to watching it (for obvious reasons) and have to say despite the “made for TV” nature I did enjoy it. Mainly just great to see a great passion of mine on prime time TV. The format is basically Bake Off for Woodworking with a few tweaks here and there. The skills of the Woodworkers appear questionable (Britain’s best?!) but two days to make a bed is a big ask under the spotlight of others/camera crew - I was expecting something smaller like “make a Box” to start with etc. Anyway Joe’s bed was a great design and Radha seems a top bloke. Lots of Axminster tools noticeable on screen. The judges seem a little harsh/in-personable but that may change as the series goes on. Also would appreciate more emphasis on the skills involved but again… its entertainment value that makes good TV for the majority and that was clearly the focus with plenty of “wood” and “tool” puns thrown in for good measure. Overall, a good watch. I’m going to stick with it… Dolls houses next week! :slight_smile:

Nope, sorry but had they called it anything other than Britain’s Best Woodworker I might have enjoyed it. Fun program yes, finding the country’s best woodworker? Absolutely not 🤦! The program certainly covered all the bases with minorities but what it didn’t do was put nine people forward who were true designer woodworkers. Hardly any of them could use a hammer properly! Worst of all, and it’s only my opinion of course, without a doubt the wrong person was voted off. I wont spoil it for anyone who wants to watch it but it was glaringly obvious who should have left the program.

In their defence however, they were never given enough time to build they projects properly, two days?? I could go on but it’s quite obvious that the program was made for entertainment and not as a serious woodworking show.

I believe the show is sponsored by Axminster…

These programmes seldom showcase pure talent, especially with such a short space of time available. That said, it was entertainment and it met its brief in that regard.

It was nice to see so much tool porn on display (some of which I own too) and my wife enjoyed the programme too (not because of the porn :wink:).

I quite enjoy Bake Off and Sewing Bee with her so its nice that she can watch something that appeals to me.

I shall watch it again, not to learn much, just for the entertainment.

Anything to do with woodworking on prime time TV is good to see, even if it did feel very much like the bake off

Looked like Festool had a fair hand in sponsoring as well

Like wise, not sure the best of British wood workers were there, but equally the same type of cross section of people as most of these type of shows were indeed covered, does that detract from the entertainment and ability they show no, does it show what a real craftsperson is capable of… maybe not.
Equally it does leave room for some of us to go… actually perhaps my work isn’t so bad after all, and gives encouragement to those of average ability, which I suspect is the point as well as to encourage more sales of very expensive tools, regardless of the persons ability to use them…

I find it strange that Britain’s best woodworker needs a team of experts to show them how to use the tools?

I think the title ’ Best Woodworker’ is over egging it - The first challenge, bed of your dreams, was too difficult as a starter but the relief carving and last nights dovetail exercise was much better as a trial of skill. Dismayed to see an electric planer used as a precision tool and Gorilla glue instead of standard Titebond ? Also the use of a jigsaw to cut a small circle in thick timber clearly very difficult. These programmes choose the contestants quite carefully - they have to be good on television with a back story. There is never enough time to complete a given job to a really good standard. In that regard, the jewellers competition recently was excellent with the contestants given a set amount of material. Entertaining and good to see aspiring woodworkers.