Hard to find parts - brace jaws

Spares - it often seems the concept is becoming obsolete, along with the items that can’t be fixed so must be replaced because of … the lack of spares.

Here’s one. If anyone can suggest a source, I’d be very grateful for any pointers … :

I have a brace & bit of the four-jaw variety but the ancient square-taper augers I had for it (got from a junk shop and never much cop) have frustrated me beyond the point where I’ll sharpen them AGAIN. And I do have a reasonable set, bought many moons ago, of bits from Axminister that includes 1/4" hex-shaft spade bits and good quality augers with various sizes of hex shaft - gradually increasing in size with the size of the auger.

The four-jaw brace won’t hold the hex shafts well. There are four-jaw to hex adapters but they’re confined to a 6.35mm and 9mm hex socket, so most of my augers won’t fit.

What I need is another set of brace & bit jaws to go in the tool I have, of the three-jaw rather than the four jaw ilk. Can I find such a spare? No. They want me to buy a whole new drill, just to get the three jaws. Rascals!

Anyone know where such a spare (just the three jaws or the three jaws in their screw-on holder) can be got?