Harry Potters Wand


I am looking to make the wand seen in one of the videos for my Granddaughter, and wonder if you could help, as i have been looking for a box similar to the one that can be seen at the end of the video …



Do you mean this video?

The box at the end simply looks like a cardboard box of some kind to me (with inlay)? Hard to tell for certain as fades our quickly.

Are you wanting to make something from wood?

Here’s a screenshot for others:

Ax are pretty good Tim, but I don’t think they stock strands of unicorn horn :joy::joy:

That’s the one Tim … As hard to find as the Unicorn Horn :slight_smile:

Hi James

Thanks for your post and great you’re looking to create a wand for your Granddaughter. If you search the internet for a ‘Conductor’s baton case’ you’ll find various cases that will work great as a box for your wand. I hope that helps and that you enjoy making the wand.


Thanks for that Harriet, there are quite a few options after doing a search for the baton case … :+1: