Has anybody invested in Shaper Origin? Would you recommend it?

I am looking at the Shaper Origin; given the cost I would be interested in real-world views of how you found it. Do you find the benefit to your business is worth the investment?

For me, the idea would be mainly to improve the quality of furniture joints with unusual angles, and also the fill gaps in demand by producing smaller items for sale which would take longer to make with a router (signs, trays etc).

Any thoughts?



Hi David.
I’ve long been an advocate for the Origin, and on this forum, although not many others have agreed!!
No idea why though, most seemingly preferring CNC’s…
I’m a hobbyist and haven’t yet persuaded myself that © £3000* is an appropriate sum for new tool. *For the Shaper and workstation setup.

Having watched the recent Shaper Origin webinar promoted by, and involving, AT I am very impressed with the machine and workstation. Unlike a dedicated CNC machine the Origin can produce small shapes on large items and also make the smaller items using the Workstation. That said, it does not fall into the tooling that I need so will remain as a tool I admire rather than own.

Hi, I bought a shaper origin and workstation last year, I use it practically every day in my workshop.

It takes some time to get use to the technical side of using it, (I’m pretty tech savvy) but once I learnt the machine, it’s limitations and how to set up it’s a very accurate router and powerful to cut the hardest timber.

I use it mainly for engraving into oak and use it for mortise and tenon jointing.

On Shaper Hub which you get access as part of the initial outlay cost to an array of other users projects/designs which you can download to your SO and make, all very simple once you’ve mastered the technical side of it.

It has some great features on it and if you can afford the outlay it’s well worth it.

As I say be prepared to spend a considerable time experimenting and practicing with the SO, as it took me sometime to master the features.

With this said Shaper has an excellent customer service team which I’ve used several times for advice. They are very knowledgeable and helpful.

There are many videos on utube that are good to view and help explain things well.

If you’ve any questions happy to answer them.

Thanks for the responses so far. I am sold on the ability to make much cleaner joints and ones which are more visually attractive, as demonstrated in the SO videos. Whilst one of my goals is to improve the quality of hand-cut work, as this is now my job I like the idea of being able to speed up repetitive cuts.

More specifically for me it comes down to being able to increase my own productivity. As an example, I make quite a few end grain boards and these involve a lot of down time while glue drys. I will fill the gap by preparing some charcuterie boards, another of my products. However, being able to make other products - let’s say signs - which open up new income streams and take little time, might be the thing which increases my productivity and broadens my reach.

In the medium term I want to expand the range of furniture I make, and the SO definitely has a role here.

Well, I just pressed the button and ordered my Shaper Origin and Workstation. I prevaricated for some time but spent ages thinking over the kind of products I want to move into, and think this will provide the ability to replicate items quickly.

I’ll need to spend time getting used to it no doubt, but I have to wait a week or so first for it to arrive!.