Hot metal forging (anvil and hammer)

Hello out there. Is anyone into bashing hot metal on an anvil, or perhaps oxy/acetylene welding or brazing?

Just interested to know if there are any more like me (very much an amateur) doing the odd bit for family, friends or neighbours

Hi, I’ve only just joined the forum today and I’m still looking around. I belong to a medieval re-enactment group who specialize in the crafts of the wars of the roses. As well as a Carpender, we also have a Blacksmith, a pole lathe turner, a couple of pewter casters and a spinner.

Hi Bourbon. My plea was really about trying to find someone/anyone on their website who had any kind of interest in working with metal. I’m largely a self-taught amateur, though I guess it was triggered when I did a 7 year apprenticeship, part of which involved day release and evening classes in which I learned to use forging techniques; lathe-work etc. Now that I’m retired I find I have an ongoing list of ‘projects’, part for the family, and partly for friends and neighbours. I was involved in setting up Birmingham’s first Men’s Shed, though discovered that it wasn’t good for my health. Now I’m manufacturing new gate-posts for our front gate (from square mild steel tube, planning and designing a new gravity racer chassis before working it up. I’ve also resurrected jewellery-making and making some simple Christmas gifts for the family. There are loads of things too, on the ‘long-list’, so I hope to live long enough to complete them all! Sorry for the diatribe! All the best with your work! BTW my cousin (also a Rogers) is a keen re-enactment participant. He’s from Nottinghamshire. Dave R.

Hi @Davey44
I going to start metal bashing soon.
I just need to go and pick up an anvil I have been given then I’ll hit buy on a small propane forge.
I did consider making a coal one but can’t be bothered.

I’d mainly like to make some small knives, have a few ideas. Also some other steel stuff like a fire side set.

I plan to braze any joints as I’ve done it before and set up is cheap and simple.


Hey. Sorry for the delay. I’d forgotten all about the Axminster blog space and had no reminders … no excuse!
Yes, I’ve restarted using hot metal bashing over the past year. I’m using a disused cast-iron barbecue, modified with a brazed-in air inlet via the base and spreading out via a 90 degree ‘T’ into narrower dispersion tube with holes all along so that it gives a good heat pattern. I use charcoal so far, even though it tends to use quite a bit of fuel.
The setup wouldn’t be any good for doing big jobs, but as an aid to re-acquaint me with the various methods it serves well. I would LOVE to have a big coke heated forge and a BIG anvil. Maybe in the next life!
Enjoy your metal-bashing mate!