How To Set Up And Fine Tune Your Wood Cutting Bandsaw

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Watch Craig and learn how to set up and fine tune your woodcutting bandsaw to make sure you get the very best from your machine.

Well presented and informative video - but why the background music at the beginning which made hearing the voice so difficult. I was much relieved when the music stopped.
Very interested to see that the table was removed for the setting up, but would have been interested to see its replacement (without blade removal, which would have necessitated checking/reseting the guides etc).

Interesting stuff about cleaning the wheels/guides etc but it’s definitely OTT in my view to take off the table. It does, of course, make it much easier to shoot the video! I used to set up the blade with it in the centre of the crown wheel, but the method shown by Alex Snodgrass makes much more sense and produces superbly accurate results. The thrust bearing is shown in the video at 1mm behind the blade…you could drive a tank through that gap! The bearings should be as close as possible without spinning when the blade is moving and the recommended gap used to be the thickness of a old fiver; sadly my wallet is bereft of such riches so a bit of A4 printer paper has to be used instead. Look also Alex’s foolproof method of ensuring that the blade is running square to the table; set it up with a square to begin with but then make a couple of cuts on a block of wood as a final check.
His method is so simple and produces such good results I won’t ever go back the standard ‘old skool’ way shown here.

I liked the video. Thanks.:smile:
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