HPL - Phenolic Resin Laminate

I have purchased a pair of the UKJ Surface Cam Clamps and would like to source some of the 12mm Laminate sheet they are manufactured from. It has very thin coloured veneers with a black phenolic resin core.

Does anyone know where I can source some of this sheet?

I’m not trying to copy the design but want to make some COVID safe door openers… a design is available on the Shaper Origin Shaper Hub. HPL seems an ideal material to be regularly sanitizer and not too hard that it will damage door handles etc.

Any pointers to a source would be welcome.


Hello Pete,

It looks like what we called “Compact” and it’s used a lot in public toilets, kitchens, etc, which need to withstand a lot of punishment. When I was based in London we could get it from a company called Decra, but I don’t think they are trading any more. You could try IDS (International Decorative Surfaces) or do a search for “12mm compact laminate” which should give you some options, but you may be looking at buying a whole sheet!
Hope that helps,

Hi David

Thanks! It gives me some options to search on.



Did you get sorted with the laminate?
I did my kitchen with Duropal compact laminate, it cuts beautifully, but you have to take your time, don’t push it.