Jaw carrier removal on SK114

I am new to turning (about a year) and bought a new lathe and SK114 .The lathe is AT406 and the chuck is the type you can reverse turn but the instructions are for the one that doesn’t lock. I thought it would be a good idea to buy carriers to put on my gripper jaws so I don’t have to unscrew the jaws from carriers when I want to change them but I can’t remove the carriers from the chuck. They just come out so far and won’t go any further . There is no locking screw as instructions say. Can anyone help.

What a numpty I am. Thought I’d give Axminster a ring to ask them. While on hold I payed about with the chuck and discover I should have closed the jaws and looked from the back to find the locking screw. There it was, as I say what a numpty. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Easily done Knighty - so don’t beat yourself up about it.
Be glad you found the ‘safety’ screw and can now use the chuck with any number of jaw carriers.
Happy turning. Philip.

Thanks, always learning.