JET JCDC1.5 'Knowledge'

And I guess this would be the same for the 2HP model!

Does anyone know which if any of the components of these pieces have captive nuts/bolts?

On the top of the motor unit, there are nuts close to the motor and bolts further out on the cylinder, and because positioning of these units is different in each workshop, I’d like to know if either nuts or bolts have captive partners: In other words, if I unscrew the nuts will the bolts just drop into the machine and vice versa.

In order to make switching easier, I wish to turn the motor 180 so the switch is on the accessible side for my setup.

Hi Barry

I have checked with our Specialist After Sales team for you and they have advised the motor mounting bolts are not captive so you would need to remove the top cover plate that the motor fits into to be able to get to the bolts and change the orientation of the motor.

If you would like to discuss this further, I would recommend calling them on 0800 371 822.

I hope this helps.



Thanks Abi.

I know you(Ax) don’t manufacture this machine, but I wish engineers would take positioning into account and make controls moveable: like the on/off and speed controls on my lathe, which are magnetically held so can be placed conveniently.

Cheers anyway.