Jet JWL 1221VS Wood Lathe

I have the above lathe, purchased from Axminster just 18 months ago, and I’m just starting out with some turning projects now I’ve retired… can any of you experienced turners advise if I can get a drill chuck to fit into the tailstock of this lathe for centre drilling… Thanks…

As this has a standard MT2 taper then you will be able to get a Jacobs chuck from Axminster, eBay (make sure any second hand one has a chuck key with it!) or any woodturning outlet.

Hi, Malc… Thanks for your response…

The tail stock on the lathe does not appear to have a taper…it’s got a live centre on a bearing which is attached to a tailstock ram of 27mm diameter (see photo)…

Instructions say… ‘the live centre can be ejected by turning the handle wheel counter clockwise (which seems ok, done that), and ‘The live centre pin can be removed to allow deep hole drilling operations’…

So I presume then that any chuck for drilling would need to be attached to a 27mm diameter bar with a lock quill…same as the the live centre…?

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The inside of the quill has the female morse taper which grips the live centres male taper which you have fitted. To eject the live centre either:

  • continue to wind the tailstock wheel in so the quill disappears into the tailstock. There will be some slight immediate resistance as the quill goes in and as you continue the two morse tapers should slide away from each other and the live drive will be ejected revealing the same recess as you have on the headstock.

  • use the knockout bar and insert into the end of the quill at the handle end and tap the live drive out. If you have not used the lathe for a while this might be best as the tapers may be gripping

If your knowledge of how lathes work is very limited it would be good for you to join a local AWGB club and watch some demo’s and chat to members or else get a good basic book like Keith Rowley’s one. Or else go to your local Axi store and chat to them.
If you are anywhere near the High Wycombe branch drop in on a 2nd or 4th Tuesday and meet the ‘Turning Tuesday’ group at which I am a volunteer (hobby) demo turner

From the reply by mpcpba I can only echo his comments, with your limited knowledge you need to find a club or person to show you how to use the lathe before you switch it on and have an accident . I can also offer instruction in the East Suffolk region.

Hi, Malc
Thanks for the additional info, which was much appreciated…I have now very easily, with your advice, removed the tapered centre from the tailstock by winding it back, just beyond the point of resistance, as advised… See photo…

Once again. Thank you for your assistance… :+1:t2:

Hi, Mike
Thanks for you comment…I have used this lathe previously, but it’s been a while since in bought it…18 months, but now I’m retired I will be getting on with a few projects… I’ve already started turning out a few chess pieces…but I want to try another method on the lathe, which is why I will need to fit a chuck to drill…

I assembled the lathe from the packaging, and have read and re-read the instructions for use, but they are a little light on the small details of such things… and as the centre has a hole in the tapered end, using the knock out bar only succeeded in knocking the metal centre off the bearing…!!..and I only used light taps…and not knocking the centre out…which i replaced…and is why I thought that there was not a tapered centre present…silly me eh!!

Well, sorted now, so thank you again for your comments…

Glad you’ve got it sorted now . Loads to learn!!

The tailstock center you have is designed for turning and drilling table lamps, with the workpiece supported with the point center in place, wind it in until the ring cuts in to the workpiece, remove the point center and wind the ring center back in to the groove. Using an 8mm long hole lamp auger drill half the length of the work piece then fit a drive / counter bore drive in to the headstock end, repeat step one with the tailstock center then drill the other end until the holes meet. With the lathe running slowly, grasp the workpiece and gently wind in the tailstock to bore the counter bore. Now turn the finished design with no fear of the hole bursting out of the side. Have fun (safely).