Laser guide accessory for mitre saw

Browsing found a neat accessory for mitre/chop saw to add a laser guide. Simply replaces the blade clamping washer and light is activated by centrifugal forces when saw blade is rotating. Great idea would be nice to see it available in UK. Find description at or look up Oshlun LG-M01 Miter and Portable Saw Laser Guide, Miter & Portable Saws on Amazon com

I guess the problem is that the manufacturer or importer will have to pay to get it CE approved before it can be sold in Europe and will have to pay again to have it UK Approved from January (Note if sold in Northern Ireland there are different approval rules) . I have little idea of how much the approvals would cost but the approval needs the manufacturers co-operation as any changes will invalidate the approval(s)

Sounds good John, though my cheapo from a well-known (mainly) grocery store cost less than half of the next least expensive model from the mainstream dealers and already had a laser guide fitted. It’s good that people keep trying to find useful additions to existing types/models of machines. It’s the way that improvements are made.

The cheap grocery saw will also have to get products separately approved for the UK from January. Will they bother ? At present I guess the EU & UK versions of the machinery directive are the same but from January they can diverge. Even thing like the standards components are made from will change where the existing Harmonized EU wide standards will no longer apply to the UK. standards (except perhaps Northern Ireland) .

Has anyone seen a product with the CUK mark or the Northern Ireland equivalent ?

We live in interesting times !

We where a nation of shopkeepers before Brexit and seemed to manage quite nicely, can see no reason that we won’t do so again.