Lathe gouge grinding

Guys, as a newbie the world of grinding is bewildering. Could not afford the Sorby or Tormek route so have a Wolverine style jig. My issue is how do I consistently set the correct angle? I have looked at devices such as Raptor but remain baffled? Help would be great.

Does this help?

Bill, Many thanks for addressing my issue. My jig is not the full Wolverine with the adjustable angle - mine just clamps the gouge leaving the gouge projection and slide bar projection as the only adjustments.

I have a digital angle finder so will try this to perfect the correct angle - before I dive and buy the Robert Sorby answer!!

Sorry, I thought you were using the gouge jig. I use the Axminster Ultimate Edge for sharpening my turning tools, it’s great if a little expensive.

No need to be buying any more equipment.
Decide on the gouge projection you wish to use (50mm seems to be normal). Mark the bevel with a black felt tip pen, and adjust the slide bar to have the bevel aligned with the wheel. Rotate the wheel backwards with the bevel touching and fine adjust the slide bar until you have a shiny line up the centre of the bevel. Lock off and grind.
As the wheel wears the slide bar will need adjusting, as it will for gouges with different angles and for chisels that rest their handle in the location ‘cup’.
Initially it appears to be complicated but it soon becomes second nature and takes moments to achieve a repeatable bevel angle and a good sharp tool
Happy sharpening - leading to happy turning.