Lathe help needed

Hi all,
I recently decided I’d try and have a go at wood turning, so I got myself an old record DML 24x lathe. I’ve not used it yet because I wanted to start on the low speed. When I went to adjust the speed I found the drive wheel attached to the motor only has a single wheel. See picture.
My question is: Can I buy a new drive wheel with 3 settings? And is it possible to turn the wheel around on the spindle? if so how do I remove the spindle and change the gear?

I’ve found an old manual online but it’s not helpful. Any help or info would be great. Probably should have done my homework before buying!

Many Thanks

Hi, Have you tried Record Power spares on 01246 571 020? They are usually pretty helpful although obviously, the lathe is quite old now. (I have one myself) Good Luck.


I have no idea about lathes in general, but looking at your photo there appears to be a grub screw holding the pulley to the motor shaft. Can you undo that and slide the pulley off the shaft and turn it around to align with the spindle pulleys? Apologies if I’ve missed the point or am stating the obvious.

Thanks John. Unfortunately Record Power no longer manufacture any parts. I’ll keep an eye out on eBay.

I can loosen the drive wheel once the grub screw is out but I can’t remove it. Unfortunately I don’t think this is the answer as it still won’t allow me to align the belt with the larger spindle wheels. Thank you for the suggestions. Any help is welcome. Tom

Is the end of the motor shaft visible? If so a gear puller could possibly be used to remove the pulley, it may just be gummed on after so many years and needs a little help. Penetrating oil or dismantling fluid.

Great idea, I’ll give it a go. Thanks

Good luck, let us know how you get on :wink:

Reversing the existing motor pulley will reduce the spindle speed but not to as low a level as the original pulley - which would have been almost a mirror image of the spindle pulley, ie with a centre pulley about the same size as the spindle centre pulley and a smaller pulley to align with the large spindle pulley (giving a serious speed reduction).
Unfortunately the belt may not be long enough to fit over the two large pulleys.
If RP are unable to supply a spare they may be able to give you details of the required motor pulley which you may be able to ‘match’ to a standard pulley you could buy online.
Failing that you may be able to buy a matched pair of pulleys and ‘rebuild’ the drive system. However, that may be beyond your abilities or not be cost effective (ie cost more than buying a machine that works for you).
As a last thought - do you have any comeback on the seller? If the machine is not ‘as advertised’ you may be able to get a refund and start again.
Here’s hoping that you can get it sorted and will soon be turning. Philip.

2s up for getting a new pair of pullies, but you will have to measure the shaft for the pully size and it will be Imperial not metric.