Looking for the best chuck choice

Hi, just got the AC355WL Craft lathe and am wondering if the SK100 or the SK114 would be best for the lathe?

Both are perfectly good chucks; though you’ll find the SK114 has a significantly more premium build. I have a different lathe, but given the size of the AC355WL I’d think either would be perfectly fine (I own both chucks).

It really comes down then to how much you want to spend; though note that the SK100 (in the M33 x 3.5mm thread) comes with grub screws to lock the chuck to the spindle - meaning it’s safe to use the lathe in reverse for sanding. The SK114 comes with or without reverse locking, so if you want that feature make sure you select the right model.

Thank you for the advise. You have been very helpful.

I think I will go with the SK114.


On the choice of Chuck’s for your lathe.
Both Chuck’s work well. But I think the SK114 has the edge. It’s a bit more robust.
Colwin Way recommends this chuck in some of the Woodworking Wisdom video’s.
What I have found is when using the 4 segment face plate for reverse bowl turning. On the SK100, you have difficulty turning the key.
I don’t know if there’s a longer key available?
Good choice of lathe by the way. I have that lathe and it’s worked well.
I’ve just upgraded to the 406.

Hope this helps.

Re James.