Make It In March 2024

Entries for our Make It In March competition can be submitted via the Axminster Tools Instagram or Facebook page. Please use the tag @axminstertools, the hashtag #miim2024, and include a brief description of your project inspiration.

However, we’ve heard from a few community members that they cannot submit their entry as they’re without social media access. We want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate, so, if you’re also not on social media, please enter by replying to this message - don’t forget to include a sentence on your creation.
This year, our Make It In March competition will be looking for woodworking pieces inspired by the ‘Coast’ - celebrating where land meets the sea. For more information on the theme please see our Make It In March blog

‘Make it in March’ @axminstertools on the theme of ‘Coast’. A Japanese woodblock print depicting Ebisu, (the god of fishermen) one of the Seven Gods of Fortune and the only one to originate purely from Japan without any Buddhist or Taoist influence. The print was first produced by Ogata Korin (1658-1716) and this copy was made using the original woodblocks dating from the Edo period (1603-1868). Purchased in Kyoto, framed in English Walnut with Bog Oak splines and ‘museum’ quality, non-reflective glass. @axminstertools #miim2024



my entry for make it in march i was inspired by the coast