Makita Router Trimmer, Defective Plunge Base’s Dust Nozel?

Do you have a problem with the Makita’s Router Trimmer RT0700C, Plunge Base Dust Nozzel?

I had a problem with mine staying in position because one of the plastic clips wasn’t locating properly onto the Plunge Base. It kept unclipping when I had the dust hose attached.

I searched the internet and found a few solutions but none were really satisfactory. Some tried to fit a bracket on top of the nozzel to hold it down but this only obstructed the already limited view of the router bit.

So here’s my solution;

If you remove the Plunge Base’s sole plate and with the Dust Nozzel correctly fitted push a piece of wood into the location where the defective clip is supposed to locate. I trimmed a length of beechwood down on my bandsaw, 1.2 x 13mm. Push this into the hole where the clip is supposed to engage and then break it off and keep the rest for later. Place it on the opposite side of the plastic clip’s tang so that it pushes the plastic clip’s tang against the lip in the aluminium body of the Plunge Base.

Refit the Plunge Base’s sole plate and hay presto a firmly secured Dust Nozzel.

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