Meet The Maker - Joshua Of Joshua Rose Woodwork

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Joshua Johansen is an award winning woodworker, who ran a successful logging business in his native Hawaii. He now has his roots firmly planted in our beautiful corner of East Devon, less than a mile from our Axminster store. Here we meet him at his busy workshop.

Excellent video, well done everyone.

Joshua, you are an inspiration! Your woodwork is awe-inspiring and those shepherds huts are a true delight! Thank you for your dedication to the craft.

Fascinating to hear about the Koa wood from Hawaii (I’ve not heard of that before) and that desk again looks first class.

My only question would be why choose to live in the UK (:umbrella::snowflake:) when you could live in Hawaii(:sunny::palm_tree::tropical_drink:)? But seriously we’re lucky to have you!

We spent a week in Hawaii some years ago and it’s a fabulous place; well worth a visit, bearing in mind that’s it’s as far round the Earth as it’s possible to go before you start to come back. We brought home a couple of pieces made from Koa, one of which is a canoe paddle which hangs on our lounge wall.

There was enough material for me to adapt the original bracket to make it more suitable and it now sports a Daikoku’s Mallet netsuke and ‘good luck’ doll, both from Japan; the little glass object is a sloth from Costa Rica which we saw being made. The other item we bought from Hawaii was my wife’s jewellery box, which now sits on top of her chest of drawers.

Once the paddle was cocooned in bubble wrap, I had quite a job finding somewhere to stow it on the 747 coming home, but I eventually managed to shoe horn it into one of the aft overhead lockers near the tail end of the aircraft.

Super video Tom! Thank you for featuring our hut!

It was a pleasure to work with Josh and Elaine to agree the design and provide me with a garden retreat away from the wife and an occasional extra bedroom. Won’t be long now until it’s cold enough at night to light the little log burner.

I look forward to the day my circumstances change and I can afford a second shepherds hut. In the meantime we will enjoy seeing images of new huts appear on the Joshua Rose website as they go to new owners.

Great to see a company going that extra mile to support customers and promote their products.