Meet The Maker - Yvonne Green Of Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy

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Yvonne Green is Principal at the prestigious Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy, Dorset. She heads up a team of tutors, technicians and office workers who guide students through a range of woodworking courses including their flagship 40 week boat building course. Axminster machines and tools are visible throughout their workshops and many of the students can be found in our Axminster stores. Here we meet Yvonne towards the end of one of the boat building courses.

Absolutely fantastic! Those boats are exquisite. Well done to all involved. :speedboat::sailboat::+1:

‘Flagship’ in a boat building piece. I like it Tom…about par for the course!

I was in Lyme Regis only last week, if I had known that the Academy existed I would have passed by.
The photographs reminded me of my first year apprenticeship at the SITB in Woolston back in the late Seventies.

It’s good to see the traditional methods of boat building such as carvel, clinker and double diag planking still being taught. :sunglasses::+1:

Keep up the good work.