Need help with sharpening!

We bought my dad a lathe for his birthday a few years ago and he absolutely loves it! He now has progressed to better lathes, an array of tools and all the recommended sharpening equipment. However he has never quite got the hang of sharpening! I have come on here to try and find a local, kind and knowledgeable soul that would go and show him how they do it! We live in Caerleon, Newport, South Wales. Thanks in advance, Chris

Hi. Chris.
Get him to go down to the local ‘Man Shed’ there will be someone there who would be delighted to show him. Tell a man how to sharpen and he will turn for a week, show him how to sharpen and he will turn forever,

Hi, Chris. There is a lot of info and manuals on Youtube. They are really helpful, especially for beginners. Just search “how to sharp woodworking tools” or smth like that and show it to your Dad
Best wishes, Frank