New 2019 Axminster Tools Catalogue!

So it appears people are receiving the new Axminster catalogue this week! Who has theirs?

I don’t have mine yet :frowning:

One heck of a thump as it fell through the letter box, just like the good old days. Well done on the packaging as well.

Not yet :frowning: but payday is a few days off so i can wait lol

Hello, New to the forum! Went to Sittingbourne last weekend there was a pallet full of new catalogues so I picked one up,as you do,guess what came through the door today…yep another pizza offer!

Hi All.

Strange how those of us who bemoaned the lack of catalogue when they stopped didn’t get sent one automatically! I therefore ordered on-line, on the back of these posts and still don’t have mine.

Oops. I just realised that this IS the re-release catalogue 2018/19, and I’ve therefore had one for months…
Not sure therefore why it has jumped back onto the topic’s board at this time.

Is this like a magazine whereby the 2020 issue is released in the last quarter of 2019 and we are therefore awaiting a NEW catalogue, which needs to go some way to get to the same as the original, regarding depth of content.

Having said that, the one I was told would be with me in 5 w/d still isn’t 8 w/d later…
perhaps someone at Ax realised I’d got one, but in that case, an e-mail would have been nice, even if it was pointing out my mistake…

I’m confused reading your last post Barry. Do you now have the new catalogue or not? :thinking:

The new one has a young lad using a planer thicknesser on the front vs. the hand plane cover of the 2018 catalogue.

I got sent mine not long after I said I hadnt (above).

Hi Tim.

You and me both… The note (e-message) I got from Ax dated 23rd Sep stated they had sent me the 2018/19 catalogue and to wait up to five working days. I hadn’t read it regarding dates initially, but did so after this thread…Now I’m even more confused, as from your description the Cat has the planner/thicknesser on the cover, not the 2018/19 that I have with the guy hand planing.

My catalogue, new or old still hasn’t arrived, but today’s post has!!

Surely if this is a new catalogue, and not just s a new cover, then shouldn’t it be dated 2019/20 and shouldn’t Ax have at least sent automatically to those who bemoaned the period of no printed catalogue, and probably those who spend a not inconsiderable amount with the company!!

Come on “Axminster Tools and Machinery”, get you act together…

Ah Ha!

Helen (Ax Customer Service Manager) has solved the conundrum, I was advised that the catalogue was 2019/20 in error…Hence my confusing ‘string’ here. I also apparently had two accounts! and the new catalogue was sent to my old address .

All is now hopefully sorted and a new catalogue should soon be winging it’s way to me.

Received my copy this morning and haven’t quite read it from cover to cover BUT Axminster Tools - not one photo of a female using gear within your august pages.
Are all your customers blokes like me?

LOL …just got mine… catalogue not menu :slight_smile: