New Axminster Craft Machines | Woodworking Machinery

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Introducing new woodworking machinery by Axminster Craft. A range specifically developed to meet the demands of dedicated creators who spend hours honing their craft.

I’m really disappointed that nobody thought to alert me to the new Craft AC216TS table saw that’s in the latest catalogue, eve though I’d been liaising with several people at Ax regarding the Harvey AT254TS model that they were also about to launch. I’d been made aware well before it was in the catalogue, and had even been liaising with China to import one myself, but it proved to much bother.

I didn’t go that route due to both price, and them also being 16 Amp.

I’ve since bought a.n.other table saw but it doesn’t look as good as the AC216TS:
IF ONLY I”D KNOWN. :angry:
Try to keep the customer satisfied, satisfied. As the song goes!


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Yes, Barry…I was a bit pissed off too…I spent out quite a lot on new tools not that far back, and wish I had known that a new improved range of tools, particularly the table saw was coming out…Still, I suppoose they had to get shot of the old stock to someone first eh…!!