New bearings for wet sharpener JSSG-10

I have a JET JSSG-10 wet sharpener (250mm) bought from Axminster some years ago.It now needs some new bearings part number 708015-126 .
Does anyone know where to buy these “sliding bearings” from
It looks very similar to the record power WG250 so i was wondering if there was anther source of these bearings .
The bearing is approx 13mm long, inside dia 16mm, outside dia 24 mm with a castellated end that locks into the bearing carrier.
OR is there a pair of flanged bearings that will fit ?
Thanking you in advance

I found this site in the US that has the bearings.


Jet are made in Switzerland see while you can download manuals I could not see any place to buy spare parts but it might be worth dropping them an email if Axminster customer services who are their UK agents can’t help.

John Thanks for the reply.
I did get an email from Axminster saying the new UK distributor is
Baileigh Industrial
Tel 024 7661 9267
in Rugby,Warwickshire
I had to telephone and create an Id over the phone .They quoted £8.40 per bearing £7.54 for an M12 locknut and then £20 for delivery £44.34 in total.This was too much for me to justify as a new one is only £160 with a stone .
The American web site only charge £33 if i remember right but not sure if i’d have to pay import taxes and VAT .
I have now swapped the bearings around and it has improved the wobble .I notice that Axminster are selling a 250mm stone for £27 but are waiting for them to come in .

Again thanks for the reply

Pete Atkin

I don’t know what your engineering skills / facilities are like but it would be fairly easy to machine a new bearing out of Nylon 66.

The other option would be to replace the bearings with a pair of sealed ball bearings. These would probably last longer than the original open bearings. The problem is at least with my Tormek is that the abrasive particles end up on the wheel shaft and it only requires a few inside a bearing to ruin it quite quickly. You might need to fix the bearings on the shaft with a small quantity of bearing lock - that should be sufficient to take the minimal thrust forces involved as there are probably no shoulders on the shaft at the correct place.

Tanks John
Now i have trued the stone it runs very smoothly ,The honing side still wobbles a little though .I was not aware of Nylon66 as a suitable material for bearings but i will give it a try next year .Where would you buy Nylon66 from ?Can it be turned on a wood lathe ?
Merry Xmas

There are lots of suppliers for Nylon 66 - a web search will show them for example , this company also sells lots of other bearings that might be a suitable size.

I am not sure about turning it on a woodwork lathe - the inner bearing hole needs to be quite a good fit. You might be able to find some Nylon 66 'tube with the correct size hole - I am not sure what size the shaft is.

From my point of view I would have a look at sealed ball bearings first - if you can get one that is a reasonable fit on the shaft that would probably be a better solution. but I don’t really know what the detailed design of the existing bearing is - the images on a website I found were pretty poor.

Thanks John
The description does mention that Nylon66 adsorbs moisture. But as the bad bearing is on the honing side i’ll still try making one after Christmas .

Another choice would be acetyl which is harder but still a lot softer than steel. I still think a sealed ball - not roller bearing would be better if possible. The forces are relatively low so a bearing holder of something like plywood would probably work