New UJK Technology Drill Guide

Just seen this new drill guide from UJK. What does everyone think? Looks like a nicely engineered piece of kit but with a nice price tag too! Does anyone use a guide regularly?

I had a look at it in the High Wycombe branch and was quite impressed by it, but as you say nice price. I didn’t have time to have a play with it but will ask next time I’m in there. Rutlands do a similar one for a third of the price, but it’s made mainly from ABS plastic so not sure how long it would last.

It does look a well made piece of kit which you would expect from UJK. Rutlands do have two similar drill guides one that is partially ABS plastic at a fraction of the price and another with cast aluminium parts at a lot higher price. I have the cheaper one and found it adequate for the very few times I need to use it on site when I don’t have access to my pillar drill. In these situations I more often than not use my V Drill Guide block from Rutlands for holes between 3 and 9.5mm.