New Veritas Combination Plane

This looks interesting:

Anyone know if Axminster are planning to sell? $400 on the Lee Valley Site. :neutral_face:

I would be very much surprised if this were not offered. This type of plane isn’t for me, but aficionado’s of these things will find it irresistible.

All very pretty lots of shiney brass twiddly bits but I can reach for any number of good old moulding planes to complete a task without resetting

Mr Stanley and Record tools made a combination plane…I would ask why so many are on eBay hardly used…bought my collection for around max £5 each

I tend to agree about these things. I have a distant mate (yes, another one) who ‘collects’ this type of stuff, but I’ve never seen the need to get hold of one. The only time I ever used something similar was when I had a little Record plough plane in the 70’s but I got rid of it decades ago.

You mean a Record 043 a lovely little tool ( said my friend…she was also an actress)

That’s the bad boy; the one with the solid handle that nestled into the palm. Nice little tool if memory serves…

Ha ha…just read your comment re Axminster “affiliation”. No offence meant from me

If people want a power tool setup then Axminster offer a very good service, in my humble opinion. They are a very progressive company always pushing their wares…can sometimes be expensive and again only my opinion.

I am enjoying this chat room with like minded people…it would be a good idea if a meet up could be arranged…their are so many people out there with similar views, I am sure this would only increase sales…best John

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