No volt switch override

Hi. New poster and not able to find an answer , hopefully not been discussed before.
Am currently changing dust extraction from shop vac to chip extractor. Have set up existing blast gates to auto switch the shop vac on whichever gate I operate. However the no volt switch on the chip extractor won’t do this because of no volt switch off. Is it possible to override the switch or change for a straightforward on/off switch. Any help gratefully appreciated. Thanks

Yes, you can change to a on/off switch. I did that to be able to control my dust ext with a remote control. However, this will void the warranty for the dust ext. Also, depending on the regulations in your country and your skills this might have to be done by an electrician.
Make sure that the switch has a minimum voltage/current rating according to mains and you dust ext.
Good luck!

Thanks. Will get a spark to look at it when the warranty runs out. Might have to just zip tie a block to keep it pressed in for now.

Hi all, I’m also up against it, my current system has an auxiliary socket on it which goes to a multi block so when I turn any device on the vac comes on, it does not separate well so I want to buy the type with the high and low bags, like the Axminster HP12 but they don’t have the auxiliary socket. I do have a device that will bring other devices on and I use it with my bandsaw but it has a 10 second delay, which does not sound much but, when I’m making several small cuts it niggles and I usually do the cuts before it starts. Does anyone know of one of the top and bottom bag separator type with an auxiliary socket.
Happy sawdust making one and all