Planer snipe on AT107PT

Hi, I’ve owned the 107 PT for a couple of years now and have recently noticed that an intermittent snipe problem has turned into a persistent nuisance. I’ve never fiddled with anything on the thicknesser side of things, just a bit of scraping on the infeed roller when it gets gummed up after working with pine/spruce/douglas-fir. The outfeed roller wheel is delicately applying upward pressure and even when grabbing a fistful of a board and pulling up, the snipe stays put. What’s more irritating is that it appears to sometimes be sniping harder towards the operator side of the machine than equally across the width of the timber.

I attempted to rotate the cutters onto a fresh face over the weekend, only to be met with stuck bolts and a small pile of broken and mangled t20 bits. Many thanks to the poor soul assembling these units in the Far East! No difference in snipe with the jumbled mess of old edge, new edge and brand new cutters.

I thought that I had cracked it when I recently waxed the bed, but that didn’t last long before the snipe returned… but then, maybe a constant stream of warm, soft beewax (organic, of course), drizzled on the bed would solve it…?

Any other owners of this machine or it’s big brother successfully resolved the snipe?