Planner AW106PT2 Problems

Hello I have a AW106PT2 that i purchased second hand.

I have a problem, when I’m planing, I am getting a kick at the last two inches thats leaving a scallop in the wood. Im planing some old scaffolding boards.

Is it the blades, changed the blades to new ones, is it me feeding it and pushing it so it flips up, tried feeding holding using different pushers, safely of course…

any ideas ? are the cast plates moving ? is it bearings on the cutting blade ?

Also, but related, do Axminster do services on these machines ?

Many thanks


Hi Paul

I have checked with our Specialist After Sales team for you. If this is a snipe and if it is when using the thicknesser it may need the outfeed tables adjusting slightly. If it is on the planer tables then the planer tables may need adjusting. They have asked if you could give them a call on 0800 371 822 so they can discuss this further with you.

I hope this helps!



Although it’s nothing to do with your current problem, I’d be very wary about planing old scaffold boards. They’re generally subjected to a pretty ‘robust’ life and will inevitably pick up all sorts of dirt and debris which will become embedded into the surface; this will have a disastrous effect and will leave your planer blades with a saw tooth edge. The way round the issue is to hand plane the surface using a scrub plane with a deeply scalloped blade which will then remove the top surface (and all the detritus) ready for the planer.

I agree about the scaffolding boards - metal detector and old-bladed scrub plane. I have the 260PT which is the newer version of the 106 and I am sure that the in and outfeed tables are folded out of the way when thicknessing so the outfeed table would not come into play. Personally I found that a lot of jointer snipe comes from operator (me!) error and with practice it was reduced. Not had thicknesser snipe though.