Pocket Hole Jigs from UJK Technology

Originally published at: https://knowledge.axminster.co.uk/pocket-hole-jigs/

If your project involves joining two pieces of wood together, Pocket Hole Jigs tick all the boxes. Once you realise how fast, strong, and simple pocket hole joinery is, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Simply drill the pocket holes, align your parts and drive the screws in!

I improved the versatility of my Pocket Hole Jig by fixing it to a bed with back support. With a base that is at the same height as the top of the PHJ base. This makes a stable frame to support the work. Allowing the work to easily slide from left to right and be clamped to the back of the frame. I have a piece of 20cm sq. 18mm MDF that I can also clamp to the back of the frame as an end stop or vertical support for battening etc. I’ve also got a couple of appropriate height out rider supports for even longer pieces of work when the jig is clamped to my larger workbench. It can either be clamped to a bench or a Workmate etc.