Poor stocks of some items in branches

Having just praised Axminster (generally), I’d like to put a marker down for what seems to be the poor stocking levels in branch, or perhaps it’s just poor communication between branch and customer?
While I’m sure everyone realises that branches cannot ensure that they have the whole the range of EVERYTHING in stock ALL THE TIME, it would be so very helpful, if when we place an order (which BTW, we will be doing again quite soon - for quite a £LOT of items), you could show which ARE NOT in stock (or better still contact us) and NOT simply cancel it from the order. NOT AT ALL HELPFUL!


I tried to order two items a few months ago for delivery. They said one was out of stock. I ordered the one they had and paid for delivery. I got the other item on EBay. Guess who the seller was? Yep, ended up paying two delivery charges.

Yeah, not sure how that all works??? an online shop AND Ebay???

I’m sorry to hear this criticism. I had a great experience in Basingstoke store a couple of days ago. While browsing the Veritas plane shelves, the manager asked if he could help. I bemoaned the absence of most Veritas planes online for some months. I have been losing many 71 router auctions on eBay and had now set my heart on buying a new Veritas for hardly any more than a used Stanley.

The manager offered to see if there was any stock around the group. Eureka! He found two in the Axminster store. Two days later and I’m unboxing my brand new Veritas router plane.

The moral of the story is if you don’t see what you’re after, just ask. I found it odd that the Axminster fulfilment warehouse does not draw stock from branches when they are out of stock.

Thank you James at Basingstoke. You did a great job.