Post a picture of your latest project

Since it’s a little quiet in these parts and the aim is to encourage conversation… what is everyone currently working on in their workshop? It would be great to see some pictures for inspiration!

Here’s a small cup I finished up this weekend on the lathe:


Current large project in the 'shop is a version of Wenger’s famous ‘Wishbone’ Desk from the mid 20th cent. This is being built in air dried Brown Oak and is at the stage where it has been roughly assembled for the first time.

This shows the top, made from 3mm thick quarter sawn veneers.

This is the framework with the central ‘wishbone’ rail in place. Although it’s not clear from the pic, the rear legs are vertical and the front ones are sloped.

The final picture shows the top placed in position on the frame. There will be a single drawer underneath the top on the left hand side, handle to be made from Ebony or Bog Oak. Finished size will be 1440 x 600 x 730mm.


I am currently making an open segmented bowl from conker and purplehart. I am hoping to add lettering from maple to the segments; however i am struggling to cut them on my scroll saw since they are so thin, small and flimsy so i will either use a craft knife or ask to get them cut on the laser cutter at my school.

Currently making 4 sets of louvre doors and door frames with louvred side panels.

Great pics everyone! Keep them coming and updated as they progress.

@Woodbloke amazing table! (and super tidy workshop in the background! Impressive.) Is that a just for fun project or do you sell your work? Working off a plan at all or a bespoke design?

@George Great work George! That will look nice when its finished and good to test your skills. How old are you? (you mentioned school so guessing not as old as me! :older_man:) And how long have you been turning? p.s. Brave posting a picture of a Record lathe on an Axminster site! :grin:

@Larabara wow where do you work? That’s one impressive shed space! Where are these doors to end up? And is that oak you’re working with? They look stunning. Great work.

@Tim_Davey Thanks! I am only 13 and i have been turning since Christmas but i have been making things for a lot longer. Also, that cup looks realy nice, the grain is great and the walls look quite thin.

Hi, thanks, it might be an impressive work shed but it’s not mine, it’s where I work, my workshed is a lot smaller, I wouldn’t want to heat this place :blush:.
The timber is sapele and they’re destined for a local hospital for the medical gas stores.
Currently fitting out my own workshop so hopefully will be able to post pics from there in the next few months.
Buying new tools at the moment, forgot how expensive they were, but if you buy quality they will last, my chop saw is over 20 years old and one of my cordless drills is just under 20 years

All my own stuff and I don’t sell my work, but make pieces for the home, so it’s really a ‘fun’ project (as are they all). The design is contemporary but incorporating elements from a much earlier Wegner piece. With much of my work, the timber dictates what can be produced and there’s usually quite a lot of veneering going on, using my own 2 or 3mm thick bandsaw cut material. This means that valuable and precious timber can be made to stretch a lot further.

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How are these projects coming along everyone?

Last door done, now for the side panels


And done, I ended up using a 3D printer to make the lettering and finished it with spray lacquer to get into the gaps between the segments. I will post a video of making it on my you tube channel at: when I am done editing it.


Completed computer table in English Brown Oak


This my last finished project. I am starting an unusual chair next. I will post pictures as soon as I get some cuts done!!

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That looks good. Constructional details; materials?

Solid Teak for the shelves from window board material. Planed off the round edge.
Solid Teak for legs and rails reclaimed from old door frames
Solid walnut top purchased raw material - hand planed and jointed with dowels
Backing boards - Leftover 8mm floor boards
Construction was mostly with hand tools. I used an electric drill, and an electric sander.
Best friend was the No 7 Jointer plane.
22 x mortise and tenon joints - all by hand ( a lot of chisel sharpening practice !!)

I only do it as a hobby so it took me about 4 months.

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I meant to say I love the computer table, especially the wood colours and I love the little recess you have on the inside of the drawer pull - so simple yet so suitable

Excellent work Toby! :clap: You should be proud of that! It looks solid and really well built! Any chance of a full image of the entire bookcase?

Thanks Tim


Many thanks. With the onset of the cooler, wetter weather the drawer front decided it was time to expand slightly and it was binding on the underside of the top. A little work with a block plane and cabinet scraper was required to sort it out.