Problem with AWEPT106 planer thicknesser set up

My beloved and hitherto excellent little planer / thicknesser has recently devoloped a problem. When in the ‘jointer’ mode (i.e. squaring up edges etc) rather than planing straight and true, my machine now produces slightly banana shaped stock. I have double checked the tables for flatness and adjusted the outfeed table downward slightly so that both tables were dead flat with a long spirit level used for. The blades were changed a month ago using the useful set up jig and it still works great. EXCEPT the banana shaping thing. It has performed perfectly for years and I have been careful never to use it for heavy planks (a neighbour has a wadkins that he lets me use for heavy stuff).
So where the whole piece I’m preparing should and used to be straight and true, it is now slightly convex.
Can anyone suggest a solution as I am loathe to lash out for a new one just yet.

‘…and adjusted the outfeed table downward slightly…’

Here’s your problem. Both tables should of course be flat and parallel to one another but the outfeed table must be a smidge higher than the infeed. Check also to see that your blades are set correctly in the block; I use this bad boy to do the three blades in my Jet 260, which takes all of 10 mins.

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Thanks Woodbloke. If I read you right the outfeed table should be flat but overall a smidgen higher than the infeed table. So if I was to lay a spirit level across both, it’d be dead flat on the outfeed and there’d be a small gap under the level over the infeed side?

Correct. This is actually the depth of cut of the machine and is controlled on my Jet 260 by a lever at the end of the infeed table. Laying a spirit level or straight edge across the in/out feed tables will give a false reading as the height of the cutters at ‘top dead centre’ should be the tiniest fraction higher than the outfeed table; thus the straight edge will touch on only two points, the cutter edge and the end of the outfeed table. Using an accurate cutter setting gauge will set each blade at the correct height relative to the outfeed table.

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Hi Woodbloke. I have tried your suggestions (twice) and even with the out feed table .5mm above the infeed table and all perfectly flat, I am still getting this wierd convex finish on stock I am planing up. I might try to reset the blades again although I can’t see why they would cause this oddity. Everything has worked fine until a couple of months ago.
Any other suggestions would be gratefully received. I am now thinking of swapping out this machine for a heavier duty version (a purchase that might well cause family trauma :slight_smile: )


I have spoken to our Specialist After Sales Team regarding the problem you are experiencing with your AWEPT106 planer thicknesser and they have asked that you call them to discuss this in further detail. Our contact telephone number is 0800 371 822.

I hope this helps.



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Sound advice. I can’t really work out the issue that’s causing the problem but would be very interested to know the solution.

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I will certainly let you know. First: a call to the Specialist Sales Team! :slight_smile:

Thanks Abi. It certainly is a mystery and happens when all shapes and sizes are being squared up. I will call them in the morning. Cheers for your help.

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