Quick change tool holder

Does anyone have any experience with one of these
Quick change tool holder turret

I have a mini metal lathe which uses 8mm tools, I would like to use 10mm tools but would need to lower the height of the cutting edge. I don’t know if the adjustment with this holder will allow that.

I have tried to get info’ from several sellers but, they no speakey good English.

Many thanks for any help

You can get “rocking” tool holders which allow adjustment of the tool to the centre height. These may help.

Thanks Keith, that’s a new one on me it looks a possibility to consider, I’m a bit concerned about the angle of attack when putting a 10mm tool in and to be honest I still favour the “quick change” for the convenience.


I have a quick change tool which allows up and down movement.
It’s has 4 different holders. This allows you to use 4 different tools.
It slides on a dovetail arrangement. Very easy and quick to setup.
I have a medium sized lathe, but I’m sure you can get a smaller quick change tool post.

I’ve seen them sold on eBay.

Hope this helps.

Regards James

Thanks James, I have decided to go ahead and order one, it’s a mid price one with two dovetail slide in tool holder positions and piston locks, It looks to be what I want.