Re-assembling a Double Bench Station (without instructions)


I am trying to put one of these back together all has gone well so far as many parts were labelled in marker pen.
I have no instruction or parts diagrams.
Unfortunately two 40 x 35 mm L shaped pillars approx 520mm long are unidentified apart from being labelled as Part G.
Does anyone know where these fit?

This bench is about 15 years old and the current model is Axminster Code: 501046.

Thank you for any help.

Hiya, I feel your pain! I had a similar problem with a somewhat cheaper Clarke bench. Took an age to discover where several pieces went and then discovered I had two too many of one part and one too few with another. Looking at Axminster’s picture of the bench, I wonder if they’re designed to be longitudinal support for the bench top?

I don’t have a bench, but suggest you try applying some logic…
As the parts are longer than the bench top is deep they obviously don’t go front to back in the build. Ergo they either fit vertically or transversely.
If the cabinet is the same height as the length of the part then they may be vertical components. Search for some holes that could be used for fixing them, and try them there.
If there are no empty holes, look for possible locations where they may share a location.
As there are two components they probably fit symmetrically.
Best of luck.

Thanks for your replies and help, sorry not to have responded earlier as I have been unable to get into the workshop for a while.
I have reached the conclusion that they sit upright behind the drawers to stop them going too far in so that’s where I’ve put them.
There are a couple of other places they would fit (dimension wise) but I could not see any logic in those positions.

Thanks again.