Removing SK100 chuck from headstock

Hi there

Can anyone please advice as to how to remove the SK100 from the headstock? I don’t want to damage it but can’t seem to get it off. I have a Scheppach 450 lathe. Very grateful for any advice!


The method I have used for years is as follows,cut a piece of hardwood roughly 230 mm long 16 mm thick 22 mm wide. Open the Chuck and then clamp down on the wood strip,this should give you a lever that you can use in conjunction with your spanner to hold the spindle while you give it a gentle tap on the end with a mallet. Never had a problem mounting or removing the chuck and before anybody says it will damage your equipment my SK100 is 5 years old and in constant use.

Thank you for your response. I’ll give it a try.

I hace had my K100, the SK’s predecessor, for a lot of years now and when it is difficult to remove I put the head stock shaft spanner on the shaft, move the tool rest to position it under the spanner, insert the adjusting handle into the chuck and rest the spanner on the tool rest and tap the adjusting handle with a mallet. If it needs more then I just rotate the chuck backwards a few degrees and swing it sharply to knock the spanner against the tool rest. That had always released it.

I have been doing that for ever since the K100 came out and it is still going strong with no damage to anything. I have a 20 + year old Record CL1 by the way. To wind the chuck off I put the 3ø speed/direction selector into reverse and switch the lathe on for a couple of seconds, holding the chuck securely. Don’t forget to put the direction back to normal!

Many thanks for this advice. I’ll be trying both methods mentioned above, but I’ve decided to continue using the chuck to drill all of the holes for the pens I’m making first, before trying to remove it at the moment!

Hi Cath.
Hope that you have managed to remove the chuck - preferably by the first method.
I think Axminster sell a G-spanner to fit this chuck, which you might care to investigate. (I made my own out of birch laminate - to mean to pay for one!)
To ease future removal you could fit a thin card or plastic (old ice cream carton is ideal) washer between the spindle and the chuck. (Again you can buy them but they are pricey for what they are.)
Happy pen making. Phil.

Yep, this method works well for me all the time