Replacement parf sticks

I purchased new parf sticks to replace the ones that have elongated 3mm holes in the sticks. When I received the sticks the 3mm pins and 6mm fixture would not fit. I have been asking for help from Axmenster for days so far no help. I bought both parf guide system mark 1 and the original parf guide system. Plus all the dog’s an fences with all the other Parf guide system products. The first time I have purchased a product from Axmenster that is defective I get a RUNAROUND from a company that I had TRUST AND Confidence in.

I have never had a problem. I’m sure someone will be along soon.

I’ve always had superb support from Axminster CS and Technical people so your experience is surprising. I’m sure they will help.

Axmenister, reached out and they are going to take care of this issue.

They may have been quicker had you spelled their name properly?