Router Jigs: Leigh B975 Box Joint and Beehive Jig

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The Leigh B975 Box Joint and Beehive Jig provides fast and accurate routing of classic box joints. Simply guide your router around the 1/2" comb or the 3/4" comb of the template to rout accurate box joints. Easy to use and well suited to router table usage, router jigs such as these are also great for making beehive supers.

Hi Hannah,
Will this work with my Trend T5 router?

Hi Chris,

Yes, this will work with your Trend T5 router. You’ll just need to purchase a Leigh Adaptor for Threaded Guide Bushes.

See product 210500- Leigh Guide Bush Adaptor for Trend T5,T9,T11,Dewalt D26204K(Leigh 710)

Here’s the link: