Routers for the UJK Router elevator

Hi, any advice on the best router to get for this. Since I bought this the recommendation I get from Axminster, whats on line and in the manual is confusing.
Since the recommended HiKOKI M12VE was out of stock I asked about other options only to be told its not compatible, with no explanation on why.

In the mean time I’ve pressed my old ‘non-compatible’ Bosch POF500A into service and its doing fine for the moment. So I would prefer real life users recommandation please.

Thanks in advance.

I have one of these routers for sale on ebay, its had very little use in excellent condition as I have several other routers and it was no longer required. Hitachi (Hikoki) 240v 2000w M12VE Router 1/2 Inch | eBay