Sauno Wood Kiln By Logosol

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What is Sauno? Sauno is a range of wood kilns by Logosol that offer a time saving, cost-effective solution for hobby and professional woodworkers. Incorporating new Swedish technology, Sauno wood kilns now make wood drying achievable and affordable. Plus, not only does the Sauno wood kiln make drying wood possible for the smaller scale woodworker,…

I’ve heard people are quite happy with the Sauno kilns, but a word of caution if you plan to dry oak. You can’t dry green oak. The heating element and the fan (and perhaps other parts) will corrode due to the acids in freshly cut oak. I was told by a local dealer about a customer of theirs that tried it once, and that was enough. He never managed to get rid of the corrosion after that. The Sauno manual says you have to air dry oak for at least 6 months before drying it down to furniture grade WC.