Scroll Saw Blade Wobble - Bent Arms? AC456SS

Hi all,

I’m new here, just got back into hobby wood working after 10 years away and decided to buy the Axminster AC456SS as i I’ve had friends tell me of the quality of their tools. It just arrived about 2 hours ago but I’ve noticed an issue with the blade wobbling left and right slightly on the cut. It wobbles and vibrates the piece of work slightly when cutting. I spent a good hour and 30 following the setup guide in the manual trying to get the table, blade and cutting at 90 degrees but am struggling to get a well setup machine . If i tilt the table enough i can get it to 90 degrees to the blade but the table is no way ‘straight’ in context of the table surface its sitting on, it very much on a diagonal and the left to right movement of the blade is still there.

I took the plastic table insert out and can see that the bottom arm and top arm don’t align parallel with each other, its almost like the arms are bent.

Am I doing something silly here or is there a legitimate issue with this machine? Any help here would be great, thanks for your time. :slightly_smiling_face: