Setting up AT254PS13/PS250 Panel Saw

Please someone save me from insanity.

I bought the PS250 a couple of months ago and have only really used it for ripping until recently when I needed to cut some panels to size. Over 1000mm the size difference from front to back is nearly 5mm!

I have set it up faithfully as per the instructions, I know the sliding table is square to the blade, I even checked it against the rip fence and measured between mitre slots, all good. I checked the sliding mitre fence for square and it’s spot on, even verified it using a dial gauge against the blade and rip fence, the deviation is minute from back to front. The sliding table is level with the cast iron bed of the saw although neither the cast iron bed or sliding table are dead flat, but they’re not a banana either.

I have photographs but not sure how to get them on here, if someone from Axminster reads this please let me know how.

I am really loosing faith in this saw after initially loving it, has anyone any hints or tips to get it right?

I have no experience of this saw, but would suggest that you should talk to Customer Services or the store from which you bought the machine.
I am sure that they will sort the problem for you.
All the best, Philip.

Hi MrA,

Try copy and pasting this link in to your search bar.

Hope it helps,


Thanks for the link, I remember watching this video when it was relatively new out! It’s not so much the table that’s my issue it’s the sliding table. I’ve admitted defeat and Axminster are picking up the saw this week.

Hope you have better luck with the replacement.

They’re looking at fixing it or at least whats causing the issue or even if there is one! It could be I’m thick.

Part of me hopes it is U/S as I now want the Harvey table saw with sliding table, I have a few pennies to burn and really want that saw…